About | 「天空音樂節」2019 大馬大型戶外中文音樂節

The 2nd Tian Kong Music Festival

The 1st Tian Kong Music Festival held at the high altitude Cameron Highlands left a lasting impression on all of our minds.This year, it is with great pleasure that we present to you the 2nd Tian Kong Music Festival.

This year, the concept is built around on savoring urban living, embracing this metropolis that we are all too familiar with, Kuala Lumpur. More often than not, we are all caught up in the huslte and bustle of the city, busy making a living instead of actually living in the moment. Our hectic lifestyle makes us compromise on quality of life.

Therefore, at the core of our concept, we encourage everyone to appreciate the little things in life and quality of life. From “Cuisine”, “Clothing”, “Living”, “Traveling” as a foundation, with hopes of inspiring people to place emphasis on quality of life. Enhancing our senses and add a touch of warmth in human interaction. Which brings us to organize the venue into 4 main segments:


Cuisine: Segment of Taste - Specialty F&B outlets from across the nation
Clothing: Segment of Garment - Creative arts and handicraft bazaar
Living: Segment of Space - Art Installations
Traveling: Segment of Adventure - Main Stage

Tian Kong bears the meaning of Sky in Mandarin, the sky is limitless and knows no boundaries, and it is a concept we hope to bring forth. At the heart of Tian Kong, we encourage creativity that is wide and limitless, the courage to unleash your imagination, and music to connect the dots.        

Always Reestablishing and Improving

The 1st Tian Kong Music Festival saw over 4,000 participants come together at the high altitude of Cameron Highlands to celebrate this embodiment of hipster spirit.
With the core concept of ‘Savouring Urban Living’, the 2nd Tian Kong Music Festival aims to bring emphasis back on daily life, delving into the pace of the city and quality of life.

Nonetheless, the team also seek to preserve the essence of the 1st Tian Kong Music Festival, where we’ll see the “Hairdressers on American Choppers”, “Tattooing Artists”, and “Blind Masseuse with a Magic Touch” all make a comeback in the 2nd Tian Kong Music Festival. To add a finishing touch, guests speakers will be invited to talk on the 4 main segments of the event, where they will share professional and personal experiences on the topics.




July 27 & 28, 2019

12:00 - 23:00

16th Floor, KWC StarXpo Centre, KL


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